About Us – Compadre Brewing


The Galvan Family grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas; the heart of the Tex-Mex culture.  Our culture and individual personalities were influenced by parents and grandparents that mostly spoke Spanish and were raised with strong traditions and influences of the neighboring states of Mexico.   It is apparent that a strong mix of cultures exist in our language, food, art, music and now, in our craft brews.

Roy Galvan- Father

Anna Marie Diaz Galvan- Mother

Rimanda Noel Galvan-Whitehead – Daughter

Roel Galvan – Son, Owner, and Assistant Brewer

Dr. Anissa Galvan – Daughter

Family traditions are huge for the GALVAN family and will be for Compadre Brewing.  You will see examples of these traditions in the artwork displayed at the brewery. From sitting around the kitchen table making tamales on Christmas Eve, waiting for Uncles (Tios) and Aunts (Tias) and a bunch of cousins to come over and eat together to our yearly cascaron (confetti filled easter egg) hunt during Easter, our traditions have molded us to who we are today.

Our parents really pushed for strong education even though most of them did not complete high school. The Galvan Family was educated from Texas A&I University, University of Texas Permian Basin, University of Texas, Austin Community College, St. Edwards University, Texas Tech University and Parker College of Chiropractic.   Gramma Chora had her famous saying, “You Need a GOOOOOOD Education”; which is why you will see artwork showing the University of Texas Tower and the famous Chora-saying “A GOOOOOD Education”.  You will also see artwork honoring our daughter completing her Doctorate in Chiropractic.   The artwork displays Dr. Anissa Galvan adjusting a patient.